What car is on your computer desktop?

I wonder what car occupies your computer’s desktop?

This is mine, the XKSS Continuation from RM’s Elkhart auction.

Now I’ll admit that when I wore a younger man’s clothes and learned to drive in an XK 120 I thought this was  heaven. And it was.

It’s Spring. Get your car out of the barn. Take its picture and send it in for a non-auction feature.

Up here in northeast Connecticut it’s too early to bring out my Alfa until my Boston and Portland grandsons come to help their grandfather.

What’s your car desktop?


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    • Benzina
    • April 3, 2021

    Morgan 4/4. Bug Atalante.
    Happy Easter, Rick

      • rickcarey1
      • April 4, 2021

      Thanks Peter.
      That’s different enough, but I can’t make up my mind, either.

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