About us

I’ve been following the collector car auction market since 1991 after recognizing that most auction reports were — for lack of detail, observations and detail — of little value in distinguishing between similarly described cars. Even this Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster (at RM Sotheby’s Arizona in 2017) is distinctly different from most other 540K Special Roadsters. Without eyes-on observations to characterize its design, details and history its auction result is poorly defined and irrelevant in respect of other Special Roadsters.

These are the factors and elements I have striven to convey in the reports I create.

I have individually written most of them, and edited the observations and comments on all the others, to create as much consistency as possible in a universe of marques, models, body styles and restorations. With nearly a quarter-million transactions in my database these reports include prior auction results for the same car (identified by chassis number).