A Passing: The Bothwell Ranch in Woodland Hills, California is Sold

Back in November 2017 the car collection of Lindley Bothwell was sold by Bonhams at the Bothwell Ranch, the last surviving citrus grove in LA’s San Fernando Valley. An article in The Wall Street Journal today documents that Rancho Rinconada has been sold for residential development.

Rancho Rinconada, as it was named by Lindley and Ann Bothwell, was an oasis, as I discovered when arriving for the auction. Tucked away in the surrounding Woodland Hills neighborhood surrounded by homes, it had the aroma of citrus now lost in LA’s urban sprawl. I plucked a lemon from the ground and had the bartender in the hotel where I stayed use it to make a Martini cocktail in tribute to Lindley, Ann and the Bothwell family who had preserved the Bothwell Ranch long after its economic purpose had passed.

Rancho Rinconada’s sale marks another end of era but if you’re inclined, the story of the Bothwell auction is at https://rickcarey.com/the-auction-weekend-at-the-bothwell-ranch/

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    • keith
    • December 29, 2023

    my uncle had bees on the ranch when it went all the way to ventura blvd. he would take me out there to visit “Bothwell” and look at the cars. i wish it could have been saved as is but realize that can not happen as the maintenance would be huge. Still sorry to see it go.

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