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Automotive History, Personalities and Passion


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Mopar Color Names

Auction Catalog Descriptions

Sebring 12-Hours Endurance Race

Hourly Standings and Time Sheets for Sebring 1964-1967

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Automotive History,


and Passion

The Serious Collector's Insight to the Market™
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I write about the collector car market, and have been doing so since 1991.

I am currently auctions editor for Victory Lane magazine and for the website SportsCarDigest.com as well as a frequent contributor of auctions data to Ferrari Market Letter and Cavallino.

I've been keeping track of the cars I review and their transaction results, along with specifics of the auctions, exchange rates and locations, in a database since I began this process. When I have time I add old auctions to the database from various resources including a box full of Briggs Cunningham's old auction catalogs going back to the dawn of the collector car auction in the mid-1960's that I bought at Christie's Pebble Beach auction in 1992.

It is remarkable how what goes around, comes around.

These days I'm getting 15-30% repeats: cars crossing the block that are already in the database from prior auctions. There is absolutely nothing better than that for figuring out what has happened to the collector car market over time. The same car, in more or less the same condition, sold in two well-publicized public auctions a year or more apart is the gold standard for figuring out what has happened in the marketplace.

In Scottsdale, Arizona in January 2011 we're introducing an exciting new way to assess the collector car market: the Collector Car Auction Resource, Ccar. It's an iPhone app with all 100,000+ auction transactions searchable by chassis number or by marque, year and model. For more information go to www.ccar.co.

This is a complex market, and every collector car, even ones as homogeneous as VW Beetles, is by now an individual thing. I'll walk you through the process, parse seemingly similar cars and auctions into individual transactions and try to assist in creating an intelligent, balanced perspective of the marketplace. Call, e-mail or write.


In addition to tracking collector car auction transactions I contribute catalog descriptions to the major collector car auctions: RM Auctions, Bonhams, Gooding & Company, Worldwide, Branson and others. It is great work, particularly when it involves unusual, valuable or quirky cars, histories and stories. A bit of sleuthing is frequently involved, which makes it even more interesting, and I've had some significant breakthroughs in uncovering important bits and pieces of histories that have made cars more interesting, intriguing and -- in the end -- valuable.

That's what that "History, Personalities and Passion" is all about.

Other Weird Stuff

There's a section devoted to reproduced timesheets from the 12 Hours of Sebring. That is a really strange subset of obsession, but I think that timesheets communicate the ebb and flow of historic races and suggest answers to many lingering questions about specific cars' and drivers' racing records. Making these publicly available is my small attempt to contribute to re-creating primary data sources. Like old auctions, I add to them as I have time.

Other strange things you can find here include a page of original color names for Plymouths and Dodges in 1970-71. Why? Because when writing my auction reports I could never remember if Plum Crazy was a Plymouth or Dodge color. It's Dodge (Challenger); purple Plymouth 'Cudas were In-Violet. Same color code, different name.

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I also write histories, descriptions, articles and stories about cars, collectors, restorers, racers and just about anyone else involved with automobiles. Call, write or e-mail.

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